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Beautiful as a groundcover or cascading from hanging baskets and containers. This South African native plant is covered with charming little flowers all summer long. Creates a fantastic contrast when planted next to more boldly-colored flowers. The perfect choice for beds and borders. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes.

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  • Bacopa Caroliniana: Caring For This Amazing Beginner Plant
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Bacopa, silver rain!

This site needs to use cookies to function correctly, please enable cookies in your web browser settings how to enable cookies. These super powered Bacopas have amazing heat tolerance, flowers for most of the year, are self cleaning and have the best density we have ever seen. Where many Bacopas have holes, these do not.

They have the largest Bacopa flowers available in a fabulous selection of colours. MegaCopa Bacopa have wonderful trailing stems that are covered in flowers for many months. They look fantastic spilling from pots or hanging baskets. In the garden they are lovely atop a retaining wall, as a ground cover, or along paths and garden bed edges. MegaCopa Bacopa is the most heat tolerant variety available.

The leaves are mid to deep green and grow along the stems. They remain evergreen where the weather is warm year round. Here in Victoria they tend to go into a winter stasis but come back quickly as the weather warms. In pots or baskets they even hang on to flowers in cool climes. Plant MegaCopa Bacopa in full sun to part shade.

Choose a moderately fertile to humus rich, moist, well drained soil. It is advisable to add a slow release fertiliser in spring and summer to keep them blooming at their best. In pots use a good quality potting mix. Sutera were previously known botanically as Bacopa. MegaCopa Bacopa Collection, one of each variety, separately labelled.

View Cart Checkout. Cookies are not enabled. You are using an old web browser that is no longer supported by this website The site may not work correctly, please upgrade your web browser. Toggle navigation. Bacopa Collection Flowers almost year round. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Description Attributes Plant Care These super powered Bacopas have amazing heat tolerance, flowers for most of the year, are self cleaning and have the best density we have ever seen.

In pots or baskets they even hang on to flowers in cool climes Plant MegaCopa Bacopa in full sun to part shade. Supplied as: Pots.

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Bacopa Caroliniana: Caring For This Amazing Beginner Plant

Bacopa caroliniana is an exceptionally undemanding plant species that is suitable for any kind of tank setups. It is one of the oldest and most renowned plants in the aquarium hobby; touted for its sturdy structure, easy-care, adaptability, and tolerance. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Bacopa caroliniana, and how to grow it in your aquarium. Bacopa caroliniana is native to North America, it is a species of the genus Bacopa which consists of about 70 — aquatic plants belonging to the family Scrophulariaceae. Kingdom : Plantae The plant kingdom. Clade : Tracheophytes Vascular plants. Clade : Angiosperms Flowering plants, also known as Magnoliophyta.

Grows well in a variety of soil types, prefers consistently moist soil, can grow in standing water Propagation: Cuttings Host Plant: White Peacock Bu.

Plant Database

Bacopa is a very cute perennial plant that has the advantage of growing and blooming very well in the shade. Type — perennial Height — 8 to 12 inches 20 to 30 cm Exposure — part sun and shade. Soil — ordinary Flowering — May to October Care — easy. It is recommended to plant your bacopa in spring in a blend of garden soil and flower plant soil mix. Bacopa requires practically no care at all and offers marvelous small flowers during the entire summer season. To boost flower-bearing , if you wish, remove wilted flowers regularly. For bacopa grown in pots, containers or garden boxes , water regularly as soon as the soil has dried up. In summer, feel free to mulch the ground to keep the soil cool and save on water. Preparing cuttings is the best and easiest way to propagate your bacopa, followed closely by sowing its seeds.

How to Winterize Bacopa Plants

It focuses on the attributes of plants suitable for food forests, what each can contribute to a food forest ecosystem, including carbon sequestration, and the kinds of foods they yield. The book suggests that community and small-scale food forests can provide a real alternative to intensive industrialised agriculture, and help to combat the many inter-related environmental crises that threaten the very future of life on Earth. Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri, is a tropical, perennial, non-aromatic herb used in Ayurveda medicine. It grows in rice fields and damp areas. Its leaves are succulent, oblong, thick, and arranged alternately.

Water lilies are a stunning pond plant. Available in a multitude of different colours including pinks, purples, blues, whites, and yellows, these flowers are great for brightening up your pond or water feature.

Bacopa Plant Info: How To Grow A Bacopa Plant

How to Care for Bacopa Plants. Sheetal Mandora. Mostly a tropical and sub-tropical plant, bacopa is often classified as a semi-aquatic plant as well. Read on to find out how to care for bacopa plants once sown. Bacopa plant is a variety of about 70 to aquatic plants which belong to the Plantaginaceae family. It is an annual, or perennial plant with erect stems.

Robot or human?

Bacopa is a creeping evergreen plant that produces small, five-petaled flowers with golden centers from late spring to first frost. This versatile little beauty looks great in hanging baskets and containers, where it can spill over the sides, or as a groundcover. It requires regular water; allowing it to dry out or wilt can be fatal for the plant. In soils with poor drainage, it can easily rot. When the soil is dry to the touch an inch below the surface, give it at least an inch of water, or enough to thoroughly penetrate to the roots. Bacopa prefers morning sun and afternoon shade but can tolerate anything from full sun to partial shade, as long as it does not dry out. Bacopa does best in rich soil. Pinch back the branches to help it form a dense mat.

Bacopa (Sutera cordata) · Features · Uses · Plant Feed · Watering · Soil · Basic Care Summary · Planting Instructions · Watering Instructions.

The PFAF Bookshop

I grew Bacopa for the first time this year. I had it in a hanging basket and and in another pot with other plants. Both were in full sun from 7 am to 8 pm.

Bacopa (Sutera cordata)

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Fill your beds, baskets, and containers with the charming, jewel-like flowers of bacopa. This vigorous trailing annual grows only 4 to 8 inches high, but in ideal conditions will cascade up to 4 feet long. Bacopa flower colors include blue, white, and lavender. You can also use bacopa as a quick, colorful groundcover.

Bacopa Monnieri is easy to grow herb that has many health benefits.

How to Grow Bacopa Plants

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Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. Print this fact sheet. Container gardens are one of the fastest growing segments of gardening.

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