Garden swings

The one-seat garden swing seat

The garden swing re-proposes the classic children's swing game, only in the adult version. The swing is composed of a structure that does not need to be anchored to the ground, as it is quite heavy, but some, for safety reasons, still decide to fix it with bolts. The rocking chairs differ in the material used for the construction and in the size. There are also one-seat swings, and even if less usual, they fall into the category of garden furniture. The one-seat model allows only one person to swing. It is suitable not only for outdoor spaces but also for terraces. In a small garden, if you need to add other furnishing elements as well, you are forced to choose a one-seat swing. Certainly, it will attract the attention of all your guests. In some cases the shape is round, in others it is classic, and resembles a swing for children.

Structure of the swing with several seats

The best known rocking chair is the one with two or three seats, which in any case can support a limited weight. The structure is formed as follows: a seat, two side armrests, a sun canopy. The session allows you to both sit and lie down, and by giving yourself a slight push, it is the session itself that begins to oscillate. Since this is a movement that needs a certain space, it is never advisable to place the swing in a small space, as it would risk bumping against objects. The function of the sun canopy is precisely to protect from the sun. the swing can have a fabric cover, similar to awnings. This fabric can also be waterproof, protects from the harmful rays of the sun, and can be chosen in different patterns. Generally the pattern of the sun canopy is coordinated with the fabric of the seat cushions. The fabric that covers the cushions is always removable, and this allows for easy washing. When the fabric gets stained, especially as regards the sun canopy, you should never use too aggressive substances, as they could damage the fabric itself. Some manufacturers of garden swings offer the possibility to replace the fabric of the roof and the fabric of the cushions if they are damaged. Alternatively, everyone can also decide to buy some fabric and upholster the swing seat by themselves.

The garden swing in plastic and aluminum

The most common garden swing is certainly the one made of plastic. It is a resistant material and rather easy to clean, and can also be safely left outside during the winter period as it can be easily washed with water and detergent. You should avoid leaving the cushions outside because they can get soaked in rainwater and therefore no longer be usable. The plastic swing is the best known because it has a rather affordable cost. Together with the aluminum one it is one of the favorite models because you have the possibility to choose different colors. Usually, the swings displayed in the shops are in shades of white or green, colors that better blend with the natural environment but, in the case of aluminum, you can choose a color from the catalog or you can provide it yourself. In the case of the plastic swing, the structure is made up of a series of plastic slats, while the aluminum swing structure is made up of a single seat, very light but at the same time resistant.

The wooden garden swing

The garden swing made of wood is the one that certainly has a greater visual impact than the other models. Wood is the material that is best placed in the garden as it does not require the need to be combined with other materials. The wooden swing is made up of slats for the seat and the appearance seems much more impressive than an aluminum swing.

The wrought iron garden swing

Wrought iron, even if used to a lesser extent than the materials mentioned above, is still used in the construction of garden swings. Wrought iron can be forged according to the customer's wishes, especially if the swing is made to measure. It is an indisputable material with a very particular color that certainly makes this corner more elegant.

Uses of the garden swing

Even if the swing does not represent a necessary element to be included in the garden, there are more and more people who cannot do without it since it is a comfortable seat that can be used alone or in company, to chat, read a book or simply rest in tranquility. The slow movement of the rocking allows you to relax while being surrounded by the greenery of your garden. It is certainly an element of the garden much appreciated by children, who find it particularly fun. As mentioned before, all garden swings are made with materials that can be left outside without problems, but to avoid a hard and tiring cleaning job, at the beginning of the winter season, it is always preferable that the swing is placed in a sheltered place or one that is at least covered with a sheet.

Garden swings: garden furniture: Garden swings

Let yourself be lulled by relaxation.

Do you dream of your own corner of paradise in the garden where you can be gently rocked while listening to your music or reading your favorite book?

First of all, decide how many seats it will have on your swing (there are 2-3 and even 4-seat swings) and above all make your furniture harmonious in style.

Whether the swing is made of wood or tech, it is important that it is in line with the style of all your outdoor furniture.

The models?

From embarrassment in the choice!

From ethnic to classic, passing through 5-star resort-style models to be at home, but always feel like you're on vacation.

In short, there is no more time to waste before diving into a wonderful world like that of garden swings.

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