"Life in the country", sale of greenhouses, garden beds, sliding awnings, canopies over the entrance

The company "Life at the Dacha" offers:

Huge selection of garden fences, from the lightest for the price to the elite
Galvanized beds, beds made of cement panels (DSP), beds LITE with a colored polymer coating, beds made of pine boards and larch, beds with a polymer coating under a stone, beds made of PVC plastic, beds made of WPC, round tiered beds.

- greenhouses and hotbeds of any size and characteristics;
• premium greenhouses:
• gothic, "house";
• wall-mounted;
• greenhouse-ball;
• monolithic polycarbonate
- fences for beds of all possible types and on request;
- small garden forms using STEEL IN PVC technology: arches, trellises, garden benches and around a tree, pergolas with a dock;
- DESIGN-CONSTRUCTOR - stackable and transformable PVC gratings;
- utility blocks on a steel frame, used as a country shower or a shed, or even a workshop, your size;
- canopies over the porch, awning over the entrance;
- polycarbonate pavilions and awnings, including telescopic sliding ones or with sliding walls;
- cross-shaped and anchor driven piles;
- ovens with a thermostat for storing crops, your size

From the moment of foundation, our main guideline for the quality of our products is a long life without repair and renovation, ease of use, the use of modern materials.
Today the trade mark "Life at the Dacha" is:
- high level of own production;
- originality of design solutions;
- patented developments;
- constant search for constructions, models and materials interesting for buyers

If you don't like paying twice or annually for disposable designs, buying our products is a great decision!

Warranty for our products
We produce high quality products designed for years of service when used correctly. The service life of products made using the steel-in-PVC technology is about 15 years.

Service support can be provided throughout the entire service life.

The warranty for parts of frames and other structures is provided in accordance with the terms of the contract for a period of not less than 1 year.

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