How to make delicious vegetable chips in a dryer, dehydrator and oven

Fruits and vegetables without oil are much more beneficial than snacks with a lot of fat and seasoning. They have long established themselves on the positive side and have every chance of replacing potato chips, but the high price makes this product affordable only for some segments of the population. Knowing the right ways to prepare fruit and vegetable chips in the dryer will help you make them at home and your body will thank you.

The specifics of drying vegetable and fruit chips at home

Healthy dried plates with little or no oil can be made from almost any food, but only a few fruits and vegetables should be preferred. An indispensable condition for cooking is thin slicing. Check out our selection of the best fruits and vegetables with recipes for making delicious chips.

  • Banana. Sweet bananas can be made even sweeter or, conversely, add spice and piquancy. Cut the fruit into small slices and season with orange juice and cinnamon. The Mexican version of the spice includes lemon juice, red pepper, and olive oil.
  • Citrus. Lemons and oranges are not so tasty, but they have an excellent appearance and are suitable for decorating desserts. They are dried without additives along with the skin.
  • Apples and pears. Cinnamon is an ideal addition to apple and pear chips. Fruits are cut into slices along with the skin, sprinkled with cinnamon, optional sugar, and sent to the oven.
  • Kiwi. Preparation from kiwi does not require the use of additional spices. But the plates will taste better if you sprinkle them with lemon juice before sending them to dry. The skin should naturally be removed.
  • Pumpkin. The fruits are peeled and cut into thin slices. From spices, fine salt is suitable for pumpkin. A sauce made from Greek yogurt, dill, garlic, and lemon juice works well.
  • Beet. The peeled beets are cut into thin pieces. Sprinkle with rosemary, a mixture of Italian herbs, salt. Before sending to dry, you can drizzle with a little oil.
  • Carrot. The fruit of a juicy carrot is peeled and cut into thin pieces lengthwise or across. The blanks are laid out in a bowl, mixed with a minimum amount of salt, pepper and olive oil.

Methods for drying vegetable and fruit chips

Professionals choose a dryer for making fruit and vegetable slices. A spacious oven, no worse than a dryer, will allow you to dry a large batch of fruits. At worst, an open-air space, a barn or a spacious windowsill on the sunny side is suitable.

If you decide to seriously switch to a healthy diet and plan to start drying vegetables for future use, buy a dryer, for example, VOLTERA 1000 Lux. An electric dryer will allow you to prepare the best batches of a healthy product. Try all the drying options available and choose the one you like the most.

In the oven

The most affordable way to dry vegetable and fruit slices is in the oven. The blanks are sent to it on sheets of parchment and turned over during the drying process. Set the temperature to 50 degrees and wait 4-6 hours for the final result.

The disadvantage of such drying is a large time expenditure, a small product yield. An incorrectly set temperature will deprive you of the long-awaited goodies: they can burn or remain damp.

In a dehydrator

A dehydrator is the best invention for drying fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and even mushrooms. Its distinctive feature lies in the presence of a thermostat that deprives the fruit of moisture, and not just dries it out. The temperature in the device should not exceed 38 degrees.

There are no drawbacks in the device, since it not only provides high-quality drying, but also keeps fruits and vegetables "alive". However, plates that are not completely dried have a reduced shelf life. But it is the chips moist inside that are the most useful, so they can be consumed in the first days after cooking. On the other hand, completely dried slices in the device can increase their shelf life.

In the dryer

The dryer costs less than a dehydrator and has some differences in the device. It distributes air over the surface of fruits and vegetables, causing them to become completely dehydrated. Drying temperature averages 70 degrees. Products are arranged in several tiers, which saves space for drying. The device is compact and fits even in the smallest kitchen.

In the microwave

The microwave will cook delicious vegetable and fruit chips faster than other appliances. Moisture is removed from the fruit due to the formation of vapor pressure released during the operation of the device. Depending on the fineness of cutting the fruit, the time spent on cooking will not exceed 5-10 minutes.

Slice should be laid out on oiled parchment and removed only after complete drying. The disadvantage of a microwave oven is that it cannot dry a large volume of chips at a time and does not preserve vitamins.

In the airfryer

The airfryer is a more functional device than it seems at first glance, because in addition to juicy meat, you can cook crispy chips in it. Slices of fruits and vegetables are laid out on the lower and upper wire rack and dried for 10 minutes at a temperature of 200-230 degrees. The fan in the appliance heats the food from above by blowing hot air.

By entrusting the manufacture of an airfryer, you will receive a truly delicious and crispy snack. The disadvantage of the device is that for complete drying, you will need to turn fruits and vegetables.

On air

The most proven, safest and most loved method of drying food is outdoors. The action of the ultraviolet rays of the sun disinfects products, which makes them absolutely safe.

Direct sunlight will evaporate moisture faster, but storing chopped fruits and vegetables in a barn or barn will also help ensure that it dries on time.

The main problem that housewives face when air drying is the appearance of insects. In the evening, you will need to bring semi-finished products from the street into a covered room so that they do not deteriorate from the morning dew.

How to store and use fruit and vegetable chips

Fruit and vegetable plates are the quickest and healthiest snack. They are an integral part of the diet of athletes, children and all people who strive to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. With a cup of freshly dried chips and an interesting movie, you can spend evenings with your family, take them with you on a hike or to work. Of course, chips shouldn't replace fresh fruits and vegetables from the diet.

Natural products are stored for no more than 6-9 months, and it is better to use them in the first weeks after production. The shelf life with a low percentage of moisture is significantly reduced. Take care of the safety of the product and place it in sealed plastic or paper bags. Choose the best manufacturing method and crunch your health!

You can also cook dried potatoes and carrots for the winter or on a hike.

How to dry melon at home?

Bright, yellow, fragrant melon is one of the main symbols of hot summer. During this period of the year, you can enjoy it without restrictions. However, you can preserve the melon culture by preparing it using drying. This is a simple procedure available at home. Dried cantaloupe has the same flavor as fresh cantaloupe. The pieces are elastic and bend well. But for the best result, it is important to learn how to dry the melon properly.


Drying takes a lot of time and effort, but it is convenient because dried products save all the nutrients and vitamins and, moreover, are easy to store. You can dry berries (raspberries, blueberries, cherries, mountain ash), fruits (melons, pears, tangerines), some vegetables and roots (tomatoes, horseradish, carrots, garlic), herbs (dill, celery, parsley, onions). Prepared fruits and herbs are laid out on clean sheets of paper or baking sheets and dried in the sun for several days. Drying in an oven takes several hours, but care must be taken to ensure that the berries do not stick together or dry out. Some berries and fruits are blanched in syrup or sprinkled with sugar before drying; they can be served as candied fruits for sweets. Dried fruits are also used for cooking compotes or in sweet pastries instead of raisins (irga, sweet cherries, cherries). Soups and stir-fries are seasoned with a mixture of herbs and roots.

More arguments for a dehydrator

Do you belong to people who value a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to the quality of the food you eat? Do you make sure that your food retains all its nutrients, does not contain fats and harmful chemicals used in industrial preservation? Would you like to diversify your menu by preparing dishes with dried vegetables and fruits?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then you are probably interested in the ability to dry food with a food dehydrator. As the idea of ​​organic food becomes more prevalent, and as home drying gains popularity around the world, a home dehydrator is no longer uncommon.

Drying is nothing more than drainage, dehydration. This is the simplest method of canning, which removes moisture contained in food, thus protecting it against the growth of harmful organisms - bacteria, mold and fungi. Drying removes all water from the product while preserving the natural aroma and taste. nutritional value.

Dehydrator Dried Tomatoes

  • Correct drying in a dehydrator guarantees long-term preservation of vegetables, herbs, fruits without harmful effects of mold and bacteria.
  • Food retains all the nutrients.
  • Dried vegetables, herbs. fruits take up less space, which makes them convenient for long-term storage.
  • You can prepare new dishes using dried herbs, vegetables, fruits.
  • You will always have a healthy snack, dehydrator chips are like store-bought chips, only no fat and harmful additives.

Banana chips - how to make at home

Hello! Banana, once an overseas berry, has become a regular guest on our table. Most often, they eat it fresh as a dessert or a snack, cakes and pies are prepared with such a berry, sometimes they are added to sweet cereals-muesli.

And this is correct, since the benefits of this product for the body are very great. Banana contains a lot of iron, potassium and valuable dietary fiber that help the digestive tract work.

All these beneficial substances are retained in banana chips, which many have come to love for their simplicity and taste.

These chips are easy to take with you on the road, they are a wonderful addition to muesli or a sweet addition to a cup of tea. However, excessive consumption of this product can cause harm, which will affect your figure in the form of a couple of extra pounds. After all, the calorie content of harmless dry slices of banana is as much as 519 kcal per 100 grams and it is so easy to "snap" extra calories.

But if you keep yourself in control and reasonably feast on banana chips, then their negative effect on the body can be easily reduced to zero. And if you also prepare a treat yourself at home, you will get maximum pleasure and benefit.

Bad experience with deep fried and bananas

How to make banana chips yourself? For example, I know 4 methods: in the oven, in oil, in the microwave, in a fruit dryer. But I don't have a special dehydrator, like a microwave oven, and in the oil in a frying pan it turned out not clear what.

To be honest, deep-fried my bananas just burned out and went bad. I suspect that due to the large amount of sugar in the fruits, because almost immediately, perfectly clean butter began to be taken up by garbage, even though the pieces had not even been fried yet. Everything is perfectly visible in the photo.

The deep-fried bananas became very fatty and, as for my taste, not tasty at all, I just threw them away. But the recipe for making banana chips in the oven turned out to be perfect for me.

Homemade chips - recipe in the oven

The recipe proposed and verified by me personally guarantees you an unforgettable taste of banana slices.

  • Bananas - 2-3 pcs.
  • Lemon juice - a few drops.

Looking ahead, I will say that out of the listed products, I will offer you even 2 options for the dish. The unplanned delicacy came out through trial and error, as a result of which, in addition to chips, I also feasted on incredibly fragrant sun-dried bananas. But first things first.

  1. Peel the bananas carefully. To prepare the chips, you need to take hard, possibly slightly unripe fruits. Since an overly sweet and soft banana will not dry out, but wither (verified personally!).
  2. Cut the fruit pulp into slices of the same thickness. It will be enough 0.5 cm.
  3. A little advice. Due to the fact that when drying bananas will decrease slightly in size, it is best to cut the flesh not just into circles, but into oblong slices.
  4. Prepare a flat baking sheet with low sides for baking, cover it with parchment paper. I have personally used thin pizza molds, they dry faster and more evenly.
  5. Put banana slices in one layer all over the baking sheet. Sprinkle them with lemon juice. It will add flavor to the finished dish and protect the berries from browning. Bake the chips for 1-1.5 hours at a temperature of 190 C. The duration of cooking in the oven will depend on the thickness of the slices and the temperature.
  6. While hot, gently remove the chips from the parchment and let cool on a kitchen wire rack. Do not worry if immediately after the oven the pieces are soft and bendable, after cooling they harden a little.

If you have used dense green bananas and have kept the temperature and drying time precisely, then you will have a wonderful treat!

And the fruit was soft and very sweet, then most likely you will get no less tasty and wonderful sun-dried bananas! Either way, you win! And let the appearance of the finished products not scare you, they will taste amazing. Nothing worse than caramelized bananas.

Try, experiment, delight yourself with new tastes. While the banana is still fresh, you can sprinkle it with a pinch of curry for a rich color. You can also pour over the sweet sugar syrup on the ready-made chips to give them more sweetness. In any case, the prepared treats will be the most useful without harmful additives and impurities.

With the chips sorted out, but now what about the soup?

Beet and carrot chips - KNITTING MANIA

There is an alternative! Chips can be made, firstly, independently, and secondly, not from potatoes. Beets and carrots need to be peeled and dried with a paper towel, we do not need extra moisture.

You can cut them into thin slices with the help of such a long slot, which is on any ordinary grater, and with the help of some appropriate machine that is in any kitchen, but I prefer to do it just with a knife.

So it turns out smoother and more beautiful.

The base of the dressing that will ultimately add flavor to your chips is oil (I definitely prefer olive).The bouquet that you create on the basis of the oil is determined only by your preferences - in addition to salt, it can include black pepper, and red hot, and paprika, and turmeric, and in general whatever you wish. My established option is oil, lemon juice, salt (preferably sea salt) and Provencal herbs.

All the ingredients must be put in a resealable container, carrots cut into thin slices should be sent there and shaken well.

With the beets, do the same, put them in one layer on baking paper and put to dry in the oven. Moreover, this must be done quickly - coming into contact with the surface of the products, the salt begins to draw water out of them, i.e. all the most delicious will drain and wash away the dressing.

The oven mode must be selected independently, based on the fact that the chips should be dried and not burned. It takes me about half an hour at 100 degrees in convection mode and with the oven door ajar.
Remember that they will reach their final crispness when they cool down.

It turns out beauty, beetroots are exactly like the crumbling petals of a maroon rose.

Based on the fact that we did not overdo it with salt, and beets and carrots contain all sorts of important things like fiber and vitamins, this is probably even useful.
But it’s definitely delicious.

Watch the video: How to make Salt u0026 Vinegar Cucumber Chips - Dehydrator or oven-baked

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